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Crystal Schreiner is the founder & CEO of Insta On The Rise. She's helped artists, coaches & thought-leaders all over the world build wildly thriving Instagram Profiles
" In Hollywood, Schreiner learned how stars were created on camera by “creating a storyline through visual elements in the videos.” The experience would prove invaluable for her Instagram career later on, where imagery and video are the building blocks of a personal brand." - FORBES

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This is my direct experience of infusing some of Hollywood's best picture and storytelling knowledge into creating an aligned mobile channel. Approaching the platform holistically, I teach little known essentialist, universal energy principles in visual marketing.  Instagram has lit a fire to the beginning of a creative Renaissance.
The app itself, is an art form just like radio, television, and film. Generating growth, requires a serious, yet simple strategy.
Instagram marketing is the Wild Wild West - you're in for a big discovery. 
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